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Welcome to the real world

Cyberspace is much more than what you can find from an Apple Store. Each phone is anything but a simple communication device. Do you still think, that cyberspace is about freedom and democracy — deliberate consideration around privacy, fair judgement and nice learning environment? That due to cyberspace, wealth and health may spread more equally across the globe, so that “more people can earn more dollars and be rich”? Far from it! We do forget and we do forgive. For peaceful migration out of the confines of a nation-state, we declare, that a revolution is necessary, if not just inevitable, in the society of ours, as we have it today. Cyberspace has been hijacked, owned, by legacy entities, illegitimate parties, who falsely claim their territories in the networked territory. We reclaim the cyberspace for the people, by implementing true multipolar consideration where people are put first, border and identities serving their legitimate need for security and nation-state remains a thing from the past.

Back some years ago, horny and greedy structures of money and power aimed to build mechanisms of payment, ownership and trade in the cyberspace, aiming to commercialize it from deep dark bottom on to the surface. Today, we can see the results of this hysteria, animalistic belief for the wonderful “invisible hand” that would cure all diseases and create optimal balance. So sad — what we have today is far from it. Today, due to the crazy and greedy minds, what we have is a cyberwar, opioid crisis, unemployment, dead corpses, war with multiple frontlines and suffering in and around the cyberspace more than ever. This is what hardline invisible hand does // not because it would do it all by itself, but because someone wanted to deploy it and give it way to scrape off people, create terror, fear and chaos, in order to secure the positions of the established wealth and health, now in the cyberspace.
We believe that quite contrary is sensible, human, responsible and indeed effective thing to do. Thus, we call upon tearing down the emergent beast, something what we could call a “financial mafia”, that has taken over the cyberspace and thus, the minds of the people. This fascist power, which is illegitimate, inhumane and inappropriate, is “highly likely” also the fundamental cause of many of the wars that we have today. Thus, for the sake of the peace of the world, let us all unite and take back the ownership of the cyberspace, truth and social networks, this time in the cyberspace! Winners in this race of the power of cyberspacer will be those who care, and those who have compassion more than cash and military might. This process will therefore sow the seeds of post- territorial, post-national governance. Governance in the cyberspace can not be based solely on trade and exchange of goods with monetary value, nor can it be deterministically algorithmic. What we have today, is a fight of ideologies, fight on and between conservative and liberal views of the world. Technocractic conservatives have invaded strong positions, yet, faced a serious challenge of non-scalability. Cyberspace promotes specific ideological values, settings and structures. We, the freedrom fighters of the cyberspace will defend the right of people to choose their governors even in the cyberspace. We defend against algorithmic genocide, against the neo-holocaust based on facist artificial idiocy.

Think parallel.